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Helpful FAQs on Our Battery Services

At BG Battery, we sell a variety of batteries for vehicles and other specialty items. Our professionals can also install batteries for most automobiles. Check out the below FAQs on our battery services.
Question 1: Where are you located in Bowling Green, OH?
Answer: We are conveniently located at 803 South Main Street in Bowling Green, OH.

Question 2: What types of batteries do you carry?
Answer: We carry batteries for all makes and models. We carry batteries for different devices. For a complete listing of our battery inventory, please visit the products section of our website.

Question 3: How far away is your location from my home?
Answer: It depends on where you live. If you would like to determine the distance of our location, please visit the contact page of our website.

Question 4: Do you carry batteries for specialty batteries?
Answer: Yes, we do. We have batteries for radio-controlled planes and cars, solar-powered equipment, motorcycles, golf carts, backup power sources and more. We will be happy if you contact us to help you with your specialty battery search.
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